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Maison Particulière

Maison Particuliere, Brussel "Inner Journeys"From April 18 through June 30, 2013
Inner Journeys is the seventh exhibit and well-timed celebration of Maison Particuliere's second anniversary. Inner Journeys bears witness to the very passion expressed through the eyes of the art collectors. on show: Automata, Landscape II, Veneer IV Object
Each and every one of them has embraced Inner Journeys in their own way, thus lending a depiction of their own dreams and voyages, both literally and figuratively. Every journey captures an experience, and the collections often portraymultiple voyages. Travel, wander, roam, discover, and explore... When contemplating a work of art, art lovers go well beyond the mere act of accumulating, assembling, or even, maybe, creating a collection: indeed, they are also casting a look within themselves. Because there are as many collectors as there are ways to collect, and as many works of art as there are reasons to love, disturb, touch, upset or question, the current exhibit depicts various expressions of intimacy, dreams, evocations, and introspection. No room for judgment, for generally accepted ideas, for the official line or biases: quite the contrary, this exhibit praises the freedom of vision, emotions, and sensibilities. Inner Journeys more than any other theme, may provide the clearest definition of our vision, here at Maison Particuliere: to travel through art, to travel through and within the various means of collecting, to travel hand in hand with variety and diversity. This exhibit pays homage to the collectors, to their convictions, and to their sense of sharing. All of the works of art selected by our guests for Inner Journeys are a manifestation of their choices, passions, personal fantasies, and free association of ideas. And, for the first time at Maison Particuliere, every one of our guest collectors will be offered a room dedicated solely to their works, which they can arrange as they please. Our hope and reasoning was to imbue each and every one of us with the "carte blanche" that is found in every dimension of Inner Journeys so as to highlight the intimacy and closeness the collectors share with their works. The balance of the works on display at Maison Particuliere will pay little heed to the ownership of the collections, but merely play on the various notions of "journey". All of the works by our guest artist, Cris Brodahl, will serve as the guiding principle and common thread that bind together the composition of the exhibit.List of artistsA.C.M.; Carlos Aires; Harold Ancart; Steven Baelen; Stephan Balleux; Neal Beggs; Nina Beier; Andy Boot; Cris Brodahl; Sophie Calle; George Condo; John Cornu; Elias Crespin; Antonio Crespo Foix; Alfred d'Ursel; Dany Danino; N. Dash; Julia Dault; Helene de Gottal; Angel Delgado; Atul Dodiya; Hiroyuki Doi; Desiree Dolron; Leandro Elrich; Sam Falls; Mounir Fatmi; Ryan Foerster; Tom Fowler; Maria Friberg; Patrick Gimel; German Gomez Gonzalez; Pepe Heykoop; Alex Hubbard; Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir; Oda Jaune; Michael Johansson; Charles Kaisin; Hannu Karjalainen; Jacob Kassay; Rachel Kneebone; Jeff Ladouceur; Thomas Lerooy; Liu Bolin; Robert Longo; Rafael Lozano-Hemmer; Monica Machado; Robert Malaval; Kris Martin; Mayo; Sabrina Mezzaqui; Harland Miller; Pieter Laurens Mol; Santiago Montoya; Sam Moyer; Angelo Musco; Jean-Luc Mylayne; Eko Nugroho; Tony Oursler; Dan Perjovschi; Carmen Perrin; Jaume Plensa; Arnulf Rainer; Dan Rees; Renaud Regnery; Justine Reyes; Pedro Reyes; Matthieu Ronsse; Monica Rubinho; Sam Samore; Fabrice Samyn; Charles Sandison; Mathias Schmied; Andreas Schulenburg; Hugh Scott- Douglas; Chiharu Shiota; Eugene Smith; Michele Sylvander; Tae Hun Kang; Frank Thiel; Kaari Upson; Ignacio Uriarte; Frederik Vaerslev; Rinus Van De Velde; Michael van Ofen; Mariana Vassileva; Levi Van Veluw; Nick Van Woert, Jerome Zonder...
HoursOpen to the public, no appointment necessary, from Tuesday through Sunday, 11am to 6pmThursday: late opening until 7:30pmAdmission 10EU, free for members, under 18 and studentsMaison Particuliere asblRue du Chatelain 49B-1050 BrusselsTel: +32 (0)2 649 81 78Fax: +32 (0)2 64 95