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Museum Jan Cunen

9 July 2023- 4 February 2024 Travel back in time and discover the fascinating world of the Early Iron Age. Museum Jan Cunen presents the very first retrospective of the richest graves from the Iron Age (800-500 BC), including the iconic Prince of Oss. A unique opportunity to see ten elite graves together. They tell the story of burial rituals of the local elites, but also about their lives and those of their contemporaries. Stimulating, contemporary art provides the exhibition with an extra layer of meaning and shows how the legacy of the monarchs is still relevant today.

Through the exhibition design, you put yourself in the shoes of the archaeologist and take a look at the site. If you look up, you are back in the now, where contemporary artists – our contemporaries – provide the stories and themes with a contemporary mirror. For example, by collecting traces yourself and using them as a starting point for your own work (Chaim van Luit) or by expressing what a royal tomb could look like today (David Bade). In this way the gap in time is bridged and the monarchs of old come to life

Artists: Chaim van Luit, Keetje Mans Stijn ter Braak, Koen Kievits, David Bade en Levi van Veluw.
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