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Online viewing room Galerie Ron Mandos

We are delighted to welcome you to a brand new RM Online Viewing Room: Transcending the Tangible by Levi van Veluw.

Transcending the Tangible is the first online exhibition in a series presented in conjunction with the gallery exhibition Changez! Art Brussels in Amsterdam. As the Art Brussels fair of 2020 was postponed to next year, Galerie Ron Mandos has decided to bring its fair presentation to its gallery, providing encouragement to Art Brussels and seven artists who were otherwise unable to show their work.

This viewing room focuses on new paintings by Levi van Veluw. For the first time he has dedicated a substantial part of his work to painting, which will be a revelation to those who have followed his career and artistic trajectory to date. For an artist who has garnished an enviable reputation through his ground-breaking installations, videos, sculptures and drawings, this will enable people to fully appreciate his ability across various mediums.

Discover Transcending the Tangible now