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Photo festival Lodz, Poland

Photo Festival,Lodz, Poland 5 May - 15 May 2011
OUT OF MIND might change the way you look at yourself. 'Obsession', 'illusion' and 'imagination' - but above all, how the mind is open for surprise - will be the keys to our understanding of this exhibition.
13 artists, most of whom explore extraordinary types s of portraiture, will reveal to us the amazing paths of the human mind and imagination. The presented works follow the tradition of documentary and staged photography. Artists employ different processes - the exhibition comprises ambrotypes (photographs on glass), analogue and ink jet prints, short films and projections, all with an underlying theme of identity. The way in which reality and fantasy are presented is truly uncommon.
Artists: Arno Rafael (Finland) // Carolle Benitah (France) // Erwin Olaf (the Netherlands) // Gosbert Gottmann (Germany) // Horst Stein (Austria) // James Mollison(Kenya/Italy) // Justin Maxon (USA) // Levi van Veluw (the Netherlands) // Maleonn King (China) // Martin Liebscher (Germany) // Phyllis Galembo (USA) // Susan E. Evans (USA) // Thorsten Brinkmann (Germany)
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