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Sounds of Silence

Deafening silence in CODA Museum.

Sounds of Silence exhibition shows and lets visitors experience silence in contemporary visual art with works by 15 artists from the Netherlands and abroad.
14.09.2014 to 01.02.2015

Silence has become a rare commodity. Sound is everywhere; sometimes desired but often unwanted. Every day, people are overstimulated by sounds that place strong demands on all senses. In an environment that requires accessibility and availability, there is little room for the experience of peace and silence. The exhibition Sounds of Silence in CODA Museum offers visitors the opportunity to escape the noise of daily life and to enjoy the silence in contemporary visual art. Sounds of Silence zooms in on the voice of silence, alternating experiences of sublimated silence, serene beauty and inner peace. Guest curator Wim van der Beek was commissioned by CODA director Carin Reinders to put together a varied exhibition with works by 15 artists from the Netherlands and abroad.

Sounds of Silence will be opened on 14 September at 14h30. Poet an writer Bart Chabot will give a short lecture about silence.

Participating artists: Levi van Veluw, Sandra Kruisbrink, Rob Sweere, DAANOE (Daan Oude Elferink), Gertjan Scholte-Albers, Ronald Bal, Ineke van Harten, Jan Ros, Bertil Nilsson (UK), Ruben Bellinkx (B), Uche Okpa-Iroha (Nigeria), Truc-Anh (Vietnam), Hidenori Mitsue (Japan/NL), Regula Maria Müller (Switzerland/NL) en Raquel Maulwurf (Spain/NL)

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