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Tales from the Forest

Exhibition Sweden
Virserums Konsthall 9 maj- 5 december 2010

Bill Viola, USA
Eija-Liisa Ahtila,Finland
Maria Duncker,Finland
Levi van Veluw, Holland
Hanna Ljungh, SverigeIgloo.
Bruno Martelli och
Ruth Gibson, Storbritannien
Maria Friberg, Sverige
Tova Mozard, Sverige
Maarit Suomi-Väänänen, Finland
Bo Christian Larsson, Tyskland
Anita Malmqvist, Sverige
Ari Saarto, Finland

An exhibition about the forest in the outskirts of our consciousness; the forest of our memoriesand fantasies. We spend less and less time in the forest and sometimes it appears as unreal or even frightening. Many people prefer to spend their time in virtual worlds where they feel safely connected to others. We experience nature on the television where it doesn’t smell, feel or taste at all. Yet, the woods and the trees have a powerful symbolic force and meaning. Can we listen to the tales and incantations of the forest in an increasingly nature-dystopian world where the forest perhaps
isn’t permanent?

Can the forest function as a metaphor for life? To get lost, to merge or to transform or disappear into the forest? Where is the boundary between the wild and the arranged? Memories, dreams, visions and reality mingle. What it the relationship between human and nature? Tales from the Forest is an exhibition with suggestive features and with different stories about and from a surreal, scary, casual, poetic or foreign forest within and beyond us. What place do you and I have?

SE 371 91 Karlskrona

Virserums Konsthall