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Videocittà Rome Italy

Friday 17 September at 21:00
Terrace - Palazzo dei Congressi

The works of some of the most important video artists in the world, the link between the world of art and the world of cinema, will be screened on the terrace of the Palazzo dei Congressi. Curated by  Damiana Leoni e Rä di Martino, a monumental projection of 40 meters in width was conceived, which will transmit the works of 12 artists who present a panorama of unpublished works for the city of Rome of international rank. 

The second day of the video art section program includes works by international and Italian artists who work with CGI and in general with different types of digital animation but who touch sensitive issues on the planet and the future of people and technology. The gaze of these artists focuses on the way in which bodies and technology are interconnected, particularly in relation to digital communication.

They reflect on the ways in which technologies are designed to facilitate the connection between people paradoxically underline their separation. The future of the planet imagined with dystopian images with visions of different timbre from the grotesque, to the posthuman, to the nostalgic vintage of a world that has disappeared. Now digital worlds and philosophical reflections on the future of humanity.

Artists: Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Andy Holden, Markus Vater, VIDEO ALTERATIONS, Jon Rafman, Hans Op De Beeck, Giulio Scalisi, Run Wrake, Levi van Veluw, Lu Yang

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